Our Story


I'm Chris.

Thanks for your interest in what we do here at Chris' Auto Detailing.

If you want the short story...

I started Chris' Auto Detailing in 2015, but I have over 10 years of detailing experience. My team and I provide mobile auto detailing around the Capital Region, NY area, but we travel anywhere that's reasonable. If the job is right, distance is not an issue. 

We specialize in the following services:

  • Deep Interior Cleanings

  • Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing

  • Exterior Hand Wash & Waxes

  • Paint Decontamination, Buffing & Polishing

  • Engine Cleaning & Polishing

  • Odor Removal

  • Ceramic Coatings

  • And More!

We service all types and sizes of vehicles: RV's, Boats, Motorcycles, & Commercial Work vehicles. In addition we also provide residential and commercial cleaning services. Take a look at the pictures on our website to get an idea of the work we do. When you're ready, you can Request a Quote!

I also have contractors and a detailing network throughout the United States, so if you need detailing work somewhere else, I may still be able to help you out.

A lot of people overpay for detailing work, when its not necessary. My goal is to provide quality detailing at a competitive rate. I want you to get more bang for your buck! 

We also manufacture and sell auto detailing products. We also provide auto detailing D.I.Y. tips, so if you have any auto detailing related questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at info@chrisautodetail.com.

Now, A little More Background.

I first started to learn how to clean cars as a 7 year old kid in the Bronx in the 90's.

I used to help my father clean his '86 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z right on the streets of NYC.

 We weren't near any car washes, so we had to think outside the box. If you're familiar with NYC lifestyle and culture, you're familar with cracked fire hydrants. If you're not familar; this is what I'm talking about...

There was a hydrant down the block from us that was occasionally cracked.

Once it was cracked, we had ourselves a car wash! 

We would drive through, shower the car, hand wash it, and drive through again to rinse it off.

Next step...find a nearby parking spot to dry it off and hand wax it.

This is when I first gained interest in cars and I realized how to make use of little when cleaning a car.

Also around this time, as a grade school kid my mom started to venture in entreprenurshup. I noticed her hustle and daily grind as a seamstress and fashion designer in New York City. She attended New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and developed her own fashion line, which she still runs to this day!


Side note: If you ever need alterations, custom designed clothes, curtains, furniture covers, etc. look here up: Rosalind Robinson Designs. She does some great work! For those of you who have our handmade seat gap fillers, she's the one who designs them!

Throughout my childhood she left around business and entrepeneurishp books and magazines. Once in a while I would pick them up and read them and just learn about businesses.

This is when I first gained interest in starting my own business, and started hustling as a kid to make money selling waters, candy, sport and trading cards. Once the internet and Ebay became more popular in the late 90's I taught myself how to develop a website and sell things online.

Fast forward ahead to my college years from '07-'11...

I worked for a national car rental chain as a car prep to make some money. The job was great, but there was no garage! I had to adjust to cleaning up cars outdoors in all sorts of weather. Being in upstate, ny this included cleaning cars in frigid winter weather.

This is when I realized a car can be cleaned in pretty much any weather condition. It just takes the right tools and a little planning.

Sometime during college I found out about auto detailing. At that point I never heard of auto detailing. I just knew about washing, waxing and basic interior cleaning; until I Google searched "How to Make Money Cleaning Cars".

This is when I first heard of the term Auto Detailing, and I decided to teach myself how to detail a car and start a side business. As a Biology major at SUNY Albany I continued to have my side detailing business to make some money. After graduation I worked in the corporate world in different industries: Environmenal Science, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Logistics and Exporting Coordinator, but I contiued to grow the business on the side as a backup plan.

I'm glad I did! In November 2015, the company I worked for decided to move my position to their headquarters that was cross country, so they let me go. 

This is when I decided I will pursue entrepreneurship and will work on Chris' Auto Detailing on a full time basis. In January of 2016 I filed for a DBA. It was my New Year's Resolution to start fresh as a full time business ower; and since then, I have built the business to from scratch to what is is now.

Currently I have a small team and I expect to continue to grow. Going into 2020 you can look out for more service locations, and we'll have a online store up and running soon with detailing products for the D.I.Y or professional detailer. 


I'm also looking for mobile auto detailing contractors throughout the United States. If you're looking to get into the industry and need some guidance, contact me and let's connect.


​If you're looking to get some auto detailing work done, you can expect  professional service and quality detailing at a fair rate


​If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm looking forward to helping you with your auto detailing needs!

Drive Safe,



Phone: (800) 846-4469