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ARC Partnership

Get Your Car Cleaned For A Good Cause & Save $100.00!

"I am partnering with Warren-Washington-Albany ARC to provide people with disabilities an opportunity. 


An opportunity to learn, an opportunity to become independent, an opportunity to make money, an opportunity to gain valuable life experience.


Through this partnership, I will be helping one of its members learn the ins and outs of detailing. The individual will not only gain hands on experience cleaning cars, but also build character, and a sense of what it takes to build a business and be a productive member of society.


Here is where you come in! 

I am looking for vehicles for training purposes. If you have a dirty vehicle and want to save on detailing; you may want to consider this offer.


I am offering $100.00 off our Signature Detail Package in exchange for using your dirty vehicle help teach the ARC trainee.

Under my guidance, the ARC trainee will help give your vehicle our Signature Detail Package, starting at only $230.00 (reg. $330).

For more info, read below and fill out the form to sign up for the waiting list!" ~ Chris


ARC Program Detailing Waitlist Form

Before signing up; here are some things you should know:

  • The ARC Trainee will accompanied by myself and a job coach.

  • Prices after : Car - $230, Pick Up -$270, 2 Row SUV - $280, 3 Row SUV - $320, Minivan - $325

  • We want vehicles that are not, and do not need to be in pristine condition, but need a good thorough cleaning inside and out. 

  • A power outlet, water spigot, and off-street parking are required.

  • Service location must be within 30 miles of Colonie, NY (12205). For locations further away, there will be an additional fee.

If you're interested in being added to the waitlist, please fill out the form below, and you'll receive an email when there is an opening available. If you want to book the available date, full online payment via card/PayPal will be required to secure your booking.

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