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Our customers get access to wholesale prices on goods to stock up your car, home, garage, or office. Shipping and delivery is Free on all orders! To qualify for free shipping you must order a detailing service or have an upcoming appointment. Continue below to see what we offer. If you do not have an upcoming appointment; Request a quote!

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Chris' Signature Detailing Products

Keep your ride clean with our Signature Detailing Product line up! Our products get the job done! Chemicals and accessories are created in-house. Chemicals are made from scratch with all natural, non-toxic ingredients, and accessories are hand-stitched. Take a look below!


 Car Care Tip

Remove bird droppings as soon as possible!

 If left untreated, bird droppings will burn through paint causing permanent damage (see picture).

To remove bird droppings, try our Waterless Wash and Wax. Saturate area and dab with a microfiber cloth. Do not wipe! Birds eat nuts and grains, which will scratch the paint.

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