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Summer is here...and so are the drop tops!

You can tell the weather is nice, the convertibles are coming in! Here are some shots of our latest convertibles.

'96 Bentley Convertible

This '96 Bentley Convertible was from one of my regular customers who loves to buy classic cars and restore them for resale. He wanted this Bentley cleaned up and for his road trip down south. Imagine cruising down the highway in this..

'02 Pontiac Firebird

This only had about 16,000 miles on it! It was always garage kept and taken great care of. You can tell the owner cares about his car. That's why he brought it too us! He was so happy with the work, he even wanted to be in the picture.

'08 Meredes Benz CLK

A Florida couple back in the area for the summer, wanted their Benz drop top cleaned up.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

A convertible PT Cruiser. Don't see these too often. Wish we would of taken a shot of it with the top down.

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