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Top Interior Clean-Ups From 2016

Trashed interiors are probably the toughest jobs we handle. Nowadays people pretty much live in their vehicles. Add pets and multiple kids and before you know it your interior is neglected. Upholstery becomes stained, pet hair gets matted, and you're driving in filth. Not to mention bacteria the loads of bacteria living on your car's surfaces. Side note...we not only clean the cars, we disinfect them!.

Here are some of the dirtiest interior cleanups from the past year.

Not all memorable cars were dirty. Here are a few oldies we enjoyed cleaning up.

'68 Cadillac Deville

Cleaning up a classic brings makes you feel nostalgic. Even more so when you're lucky enough to drive one!

'96 Bentley Convertible

At 20 years old, it's just considered a classic car. This was another one I was lucky enough to test drive. What a great luxurious interior!

1973 Ford Torino

It's not too often you see a red interior. This classic was kept in great shape.

If you are looking to get your interior cleaned up and and feeling new again, contact me for a quote 518-210-0067!

Happy New Year!


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