What To Look Forward To In 2017!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Looking ahead to 2017, we have a few things for you to look forward to!

1. Waterless Wash and Wax

If you really care for your vehicle, don’t settle for a cheap drive through car wash. Drive through car washes risk scratching and damaging your vehicle, while no touch car washes never fully clean your exterior. Not to mention the cheap “wax” they use that is just sprayed and rinsed off immediately (side note: real wax should be rubbed into the vehicle). Stop wasting your money!

Consider our weekly Waterless and Wash service.

  • We come to you! Home, Office, Anywhere.

  • No Water, No Power, No Problem

  • Free mobile service within 15 miles of 12205

  • Multiple Car Discounts

  • Every Monday Only. Openings are limited.

  • Save 25% by ordering online.

For more information and pricing, click here

The vehicles pictured below received our waterless wash and wax service.

2. Speaking of wax…