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RV Detail Turned Restoration

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

When we first got a call to help clean up a '93 Dodge Roadtrek, we had no clue what we were getting into! But it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences.

Andy owns a small RV restoration and sales business in Memphis, Tennesee and was in urgent need of a detailing crew to clean up a recent purchase. When I say urgent, I mean urgent! We got the call on a Thursday , he flew in Friday morning, and we did the work that morning until 1:00AM Saturday . He flew out back to Tennesee later that day.

What we thought was a detail, was actually a restoration! Our team and Andy worked together to restore a '93 Dodge Roadktrek. I'm talking scrubbing filthy surfaces, replacing interior parts, and replacing carpets. The interior was a mess, and with the cold you can imagine how much patience it took to scrub the exterior clean.

12 hours later in the cold the interior looks like new and the exterior is rejuventaed. Despite the hard work, this is an experience we can't take for granted. Meeting new people is one thing I enjoy about being in this industry and I would like to thank Andy for not only trusting the services of my small and upcoming business, but also for exposing the crew and me to a new experience that we can use to improve our services. Who knows? Maybe RV restoration may be in the future.... stay tuned.

Drive Safe,


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