7 Completely Unexpected Things Car Companies Make

Your favorite car brands manufacture more than vehicles. Some of the most well-known names dabble in products you’d never expect. From household items to extravagant experiences, here are seven surprising things auto makers have created.

1. BMW: Bobsleds

If you’ve been cheering for Team USA in bobsledding events, you’ve probably seen bobsleds made by BMW. A bobsled needs to be aerodynamic and have good balance to achieve the kind of speed Team USA needs to win, so who better to design one than a maker of luxury vehicles?

2. Aston Martin: Condos

Speaking of luxury, how does spending several million dollars on a condo fit into your budget? For those with money to burn, Aston Martin offers high-end “residences” in Miami, Florida.

This is one condo community you have to see to believe. The 66-story tower boasts 391 residences ranging in size from a typical apartment to over 10,000 square feet. (That’s four times the size of an average house!) Created to align with “the needs of today’s modern cosmopolitan lifestyle,” Aston Martin Residences are truly top of the line – and possibly a little over the top.