Service includes:


Interior Nook & Cranny Vacuum & Wipe Down - A thorough vacuum and wipe down for your interior. We'll clean the dash, vents, cupholders, door jambs, trims, and storage areas.


Surface Disinfecting- We use an environmentally friendly virucide and sanitizer called Envirox for our cleaning needs. Envirox is an EPA-registered cleaner that kills 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses that cause strep throat, cold, flu, pneumonia, and more!


Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaning - Carpets & seats will be wiped down and spot cleaned. 


Vinyl & Leather Dressing - Interior leather, vinyl, and plastics will be polished and shined with a surface conditioner. Surfaces will also be treated with U.V. protectant. 


Headline Cleaning – The ceiling of the vehicle will be spot cleaned


Trunk/Cargo Area Cleaning - The trunk and cargo areas will be vacuumed, wiped, and polished.


Hand Wash & Spot Free Dry - A gentle, thorough exterior wash that doesn't miss a curve. Handwashing is the safest and most effective way to thoroughly clean a vehicle.. A spot free dry will leave the paint and windows clear of water marks.


Wax Treatment – A good wax makes your car look great and also protects your vehicle's paint from harmful environmental contaminants. Paint and gloss will last about 6-8 weeks.


Wheel Cleaning & Dressing – Tires and rims will be cleaned and polished. This includes wheel wells and splash guards


Touch Up Detail Package

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  • All deposits and sales are final and there are no refunds on purchases. However, service may be transferred to a different vehicle. An additional fee may apply.