All-Purpose Cleaner (8 oz) - Hydrogen based All Purpose Cleaner. Kills viruses and bacteria using the natural chemical cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide. Can be used on most water safe surfaces; including but not limited to fabric, leather, glass, and vinyl. Low Volatile and Environmentally Friendly. Orange Scented.


Interior Polish (8 oz) - All natural and non-toxic interior polish blended with 100% coconut, carnauba, & beeswax oil.


Spot Cleaner (8 oz) - Deep cleans fabric or leather surfaces; including seat, floors and mats.

Deordorizes and freshens surfaces. Can be used for small touch up spots or heavily soiled areas.


Waterless Wash & Wax (32 oz.) - A one-step exterior cleaner, polish, and wax. Removes light dirt and grime without the use of water. Removes light paint contamination from bugs, sap, and tar. Polishes light surface scratces and defects. Protects and shines paint. Safe to use on paint, rubber, vinyl, chrome, or glass. Wipes clean and will not leave white streaks in paint.


Seat Gap Filler (QTY 2) - Our hand made seat gap fillers prevent objects from falling in between your seat and center console. As an extra bonus it contains a small pouch to hold items. These make a great gift for someone special! 


Microfiber Cloths (QTY 4) - Premium high quality microfiber cloths. Color may vary.

Detailing Touch Up Kit

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