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Weekend Special! 

Save $30.00 on a Signature Detail Package.


Please note:

  • Offer valid for Saturday July 27th at 8AM. 
  • Rain Date: Sunday July 28th at 8AM. If appointment needs to be rescheduled again, service date will move to next available weekend opening
  • A power outlet, outdoor water spigot, and off-street parking is required.
  • Service location must be within 30 miles of Albany, NY
  • If location is more than 30 miles, there will be an additional travel fee.
  • If you need service more than 30 miles from Albany, or cannot provide power & water, please Request A Quote.


The Signature Detail Package will give your vehicle a thorough cleaning inside and out! The interior will receive a deep, nook and cranny cleaning, while the exterior will be hand washed and decontaminated. Paint will be shined and sealed for long lasting gloss and paint protection. This is the package to choose if you want your vehicle looking and feeling new!


Service includes:


Interior Nook & Cranny Vacuum & Wipe Down - A deep cleaning  for your interior. We'll clean the dash, vents, cupholders, door jambs, trims, and storage areas.


Surface Disinfecting - We use non-toxic, lightly scented hydrogen-peroxide based cleaners to disinfect your vehicle. 


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning - Carpets, seats and mats will be deep cleaned to remove dirt, stains, pet hair, and salt stains. Excessive dirt and stains will be an additional cost.


Scuff Mark Removal – Scuff marks along the door, side panels, and back of seats will be polished out.


Vinyl & Leather Dressing - Interior leather, vinyl, and plastics will be polished and shined with a surface conditioner. Surfaces will also be treated with U.V. protectant. We use a conditioner that leaves the surface smooth, lightly glossy.


Deodorizing – Interior cabin will be treated with a deodorizer, to eliminate strong smells, such as pet and smoke odors.


Headline Cleaning – The ceiling of the vehicle will be scrubbed clean; including visors & sunroof.


Trunk/Cargo Area Cleaning - The trunk and cargo areas will be vacuumed, scrubbed, and polished.


Hand Wash & Spot Free Dry - A gentle, thorough exterior wash that doesn't miss a curve. Handwashing is the safest and most effective way to thoroughly clean a vehicle.. A spot free dry will leave the paint and windows clear of water marks.


Paint Decontamination & Clay Bar Treatment - Paint will be deep cleaned to remove environmental contaminants "stuck" on paint; such as sap, tar, bird droppings, and bug splatter. Prepares paint before waxing and polishing. Removal of excessive contaminants will be an additional charge.


Paint Polishing - Removes light to moderate paint defects such as surface swirls, fine scratches,


Carnauba Wax Treatment – Provides a high level of paint protection and shine. Protects paint from environmental contaminants that damages the clear coat.


Exterior Trim Dressing – Faded exterior trims (vinyl and chrome) will be shined and polished


Wheel Cleaning & Dressing – Tires and rims will be cleaned and polished. This includes wheel wells and splash guards


$30.00 Off Signature Detail - Sat. 7/27 @ 8:00AM (w/in 30 mi. of Albany)

$330.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
  • All deposits and sales are final and there are no refunds on purchases. However, service may be transferred to a different vehicle. An additional fee may apply.

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