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Please note:

  • Service location must be within 5 miles of Albany, NY 
  • Off-street parking, power, and water is required.
  • Service is offered on weekends only. If appointment needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather; we will reschedule for Sunday June 2nd. If we need to reschedule again, service date will be moved to Saturday June 11th.

Service includes:
•    Dusting & Wipe Down of Dash, Console, Cupholders, and Doors
•    Vacuum of Seats, Carpets, & Mats, & Trunk
•    Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaning
•    Hand Wash & Dry

•    Wheel Wipe Down & Dressing


Please note: Service does not include the following:


•   Carpet, Seat, and Mat Deep Cleaning
•    Headline Cleaning
•    Vinyl and Leather Polishing
•    Removal of Heavy Dirt, Grime, or Pet Hair 
•    Odor Treatment 
•    Paint Decontamination To Remove Heavy, Sap, Tar, etc. 
•    Paint Polishing To Remove Scuff Marks, Oxidation & Surface Scratches
•    Exterior Trim Dressing

If you need any of the above; contact us to upgrade your service!


Touch Up Package - Sat. June 1st @ 12:00PM (w/in 5 miles of Albany, NY)

  • All deposits and sales are final and there are no refunds on purchases. However, service may be transferred to a different vehicle. An additional fee may apply.

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