Wednesday & Weekend Waterless Wash & Wax

Our exclusive Waterless Wash & Wax product allows us to clean, polish, & wax your vehicle anywhere and in the cold! This is a great option if live in an apartment complex, park on the street, or if you simply want a better clean and wax than your local car washes.


Service is offered on Wednesdays & Weekends Only.  Location must be within 15 miles of Albany, NY.

For a limited time, you can save $30.00 on our Wednesday & Weekend Waterless Wash & Wax Service Route.

Continue below for more information and to book your appointment!

Take a look!... 

If left too long contaminates such as sap and bugs will "burn" your paint causing permanent damage. It's important to remove them as soon as possible The paint on the hood of this car had some bird droppings that wouldn't come out with a regular wash. Our Waterless Wash & Wax was used to decontaminate, polish, and wax all in one step.  


This cleanup was in winter. Our product can be used in cold weather, making it easier to keep your vehicle clean and protected through winter!