Top 7 NY Lakes for Boating this Summer [2020 Edition]

What better way to enjoy an iconic summer than a boating trip? Boating is a great way to unwind while exploring some of the most beautiful parts of NY and submersing yourself in the rich history that makes the state unique.

Whether you want to stay close to home or a up for a road trip, these are some of the best lakes in NY for boating this summer.

1. Lake George

With over 28,000 acres of water to explore and enjoy, Lake George is a popular summer destination. It’s just a short drive up the Northway from Albany, which makes it easily accessible for a day trip, overnight stay or mini-vacation. There are plenty of public boat launches and marinas along the lake, so you can head out on a boating adventure from just about anywhere.

Lake George is also home to the popular Million Dollar Beach, as well as numerous beautiful hiking and biking trails, so you can split your day between time on the water and other outdoor activities.

2. Great Sacandaga Lake

Great Sacandaga Lake entices visitors with 29 miles of water surrounded by beautiful pine woods. If you’ve never had a chance to visit, summer is the perfect time to go and get out on the water. You’re not limited to boating; you can also go waterskiing, hop on a jet ski or jump in the lake for a swim.

Interestingly enough, this lake is actually manmade. It was created as the result of efforts to stem seasonal flooding in the area and remains a popular summer getaway.

3. Blue Mountain Lake

Located in Indian Lake in the Adirondack Mountains, Blue Mountain Lake offers