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All Natural Car Cleaning Products For The DIY Car Detailer




All-Purpose Cleaner (8 oz) - Hydrogen based All Purpose Cleaner. Kills viruses and bacteria using the natural chemical cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide. Can be used on most water safe surfaces; including but not limited to fabric, leather, glass, and vinyl. Low Volatile and Environmentally Friendly. Orange Scented.


Interior Polish (8 oz) - All natural and non-toxic interior polish blended with 100% coconut and castor oil


Spot Cleaner (8 oz) - Deep cleans fabric or leather surfaces; including seat, floors and mats.

Deordorizes and freshens surfaces. Can be used for small touch up spots or heavily soiled areas.


Car Wash Soap (8oz) Biodegradable soap that removes tough dirt, grime, and paint contaminants without the use of harsh or caustic ingredients such has sodium hydroxide


Carnauba Paste Wax (12 oz) -Our all-natural wax made with 100% Brazilian Carnauba. Carnauba is native to palm trees in Brazil. It is one of the hardest natural waxes and is valued for its warm glossy look, durability, and high melting point. This is why its been an ideal choice for vehicle paint protection since the 19th century!​


Our wax fomula also deep cleans paint and blends in light surface scratches. During the waxing process, paint contaminants are removed and light scratches are filled in. The result is smooth paint, with a mirror-like shine. Unlike other waxes on retail shelves; our wax is non-toxic and made with environmentally friendly products. It is clear of synthetic fillers.


Our shine is created by Authentic Brazilian Carnauba.Comparable retail waxes such as Meguiar's, Turtle Wax, and Mother's contain harmul fillers such as petroleum distillates. Petroleum distillates are carcinogenic and they're Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) made from crude oil. In other words, they cause cancer and their chemical gases are easily released in the air. ​Our wax does not contain these types of synthetic fillers. Its made with a natural blend of carnauba and essential oils. We care about our health and try to limit our exposure to harmful chemicals; so we made this wax to use on our customer's vehicles, and it has become a staple.



All-Natural Car Cleaning Kit

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