5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Car!

Keeping your car clean inside and out keeps it looking good, protects its value, and makes your drive more enjoyable when you get behind the wheel! Here are 5 ways to help you cruise into 2018 taking better care of your ride.

Resolution #1. Wash Your Car The Right Way

The traditional drive through car washes hit your vehicle with abrasive brushes, dirt, and contaminants from the filthy vehicles that drove in before you. Yes they're quick and cheap, but you're risking body damage, paint scratches, and over time swirls will develop in your paint requiring a buff and polish. Light colored cars can get away with it, but defects on darker colors will be more obvious.

Swirls in Paint


The best type of wash is a hand wash; but a safe alternative for a quick and cheap clean is a go to a touch free car wash facility. The clean isn't as thorough but they are effective at clearing off winter dirt and grime, and limiting risks. If you do prefer a better, thorough clean and prefer us to do it, check out our Mobile Wash & Wax Package here.

Resolution #2. Remove Paint Contaminants ASAP

Anything you see stuck on your vehicle needs to be removed as soon as possible. Most contaminants such as bird droppings and tree sap are acidic and burn through paint and can cause permanant damage. Over time they eat away at your clear coat and will require a costly repair. Also, be careful and make sure you use a proper cleaner and technique. Bird droppings and sap can contain abrasive contaminants that will scratch your paint if removed incorrectly.


Bird droppings can be removed with a damp paper towel. Dab ( do not rub!) the area with the paper towel until the area is clean. Make sure you keep the area damp.