Goodbye, Germs! Winter Car Cleaning Tips for Flu Season

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Goodbye, Germs! Winter Car Cleaning Tips for Flu Season

It’s flu season! The kids are bringing home their classmates’ germs, you coworkers are showing up pumped full of Dayquil and you’re saturating every indoor surface with sanitizing spray. But have you done anything about the germs in your car?

According to a study out of Queen Mary University in London, your car could be housing up to 700 different types of bacteria, nearly 12 times more than a public toilet [USA Today]. And if you’ve been ferrying sick kids to the doctor or carpooling with a group of sniffling friends, you need to follow these cleaning tips to prevent your car from becoming a breeding ground for the flu.

1. Stop Using the Back Seat as a Garbage Disposal

Flu season is the best time to break the habit of tossing your drive-thru wrappers and empty coffee cups in the back of the car. Damp paper and cardboard housing specks of food provides ample growing space for bacteria and mold. The more you let the junk pile up, the more of a health hazard it becomes, and the germs will keep circulating around the car until you take out the tr