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'21 Land Rover Defender Launch Event

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Land Rover recently had a launch event to debut their new '21 Defenders and we had the opportunity to help them out!



For 6 days straight, journalists and car reviewers took the Defenders for a test drive and off-roading trip through the Capital Region, NY area.


Each day we traveled to Gather Greene in Coxsackie, NY to disinfect and scrub the Defenders inside and out to make sure they were ready for the next set of drivers.




If you're not familiar with Gather Greene, it is a secluded "glamping" getaway tucked away in the rolling hills and fields of the Northern Catskill Moutains. The grounds have picturesque views of the Catskill Mountains and over 100 acres of nature for guests to explore. Take a look at some shots of the new '21 Defenders and some scenes from Gather Greene!


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