24 Hours of Le Mans: History and Facts for Racing Fans by Theresa Houghton

About a month back we cleaned up an '08 Corvette that had an exterior racing pinstripe design in honor of the first Corvette raced in the Le Mans race back in 1960 (see pictures below). If you don't know much about the Le Mans race, here is a nice write up by Theresa Houghton to give you a little background.

24 Hours of Le Mans: History and Facts for Racing Fans

By Theresa Houghton

Can you imagine being a driver in a 24-hour race? That’s exactly what you’d do if you participated in Le Mans. This iconic French race has run almost every year since 1923 – and yes, it goes for a full 24 hours, usually during the second weekend in June.

Known as the 24 Hours of Les Mans (24 Heures du Mans in French), the race has a colorful history and some unique characteristics that make it unlike any other automotive event.

A Quick History of the Les Mans Race

Les Mans has run on the Circuit de la Sarthe near Les Mans, France almost every year since its inception. Originally dubbed the “Grand Prix of Speed and Endurance,” the race was established to test automobiles’ sturdiness, reliability an