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For Sale! - '94 Lexus ES300 169K Miles - $995.00 OBO


Vehicle Information

Please note the vehicle has not been fully inspected by a licensed mechanic.

Our initial inspection involved looking over the vehicle and driving the vehicle a short distance through a parking lot; so please take that in consideration when reviewing the below information.

The vehicle runs and drives, but needs some work. It is recommended for someone who has the time, money, and/or mechanical ability to transform this into a cheap daily driver; or someone who wants to add a classic 90's car to their collection.

The Good:

  • Starts and runs

  • Lexus/Toyota reliability

  • Cheap Price

  • Low mileage for the year

  • No major known engine and transmission problem

  • Rear tires have plenty of tread

The Bad:

  • It's Filthy - (detailing coming soon)

  • Needs Two Front Tires

  • Only one key, and its damaged

  • Needs new headlight bulb

  • Loud exhaust. Possibly from flex pipe

  • The door has to be unlocked from the passenger side before entering driver's side

  • Passenger side exterior door handle does not work

  • Air Filter Change

  • Oil Change

  • Top Fluids: Power Steering, Coolant, Brake, Oil, Transmission, Washer,

  • ABS Brake & Air Bag Lights are on. This could be due to an electrical problem (eg. fuse, system reset, etc) or it could be mechanical issue with both systems.


Upcoming Work:

Within a couple weeks the car will receive a deep cleaning inside and out,an exterior polish, wax, and engine cleaning.

After we clean it up, the car will be available for purchase. If you're good with fixing cars, or want a cheap car to put money into purchase this car for only $995.00 OBO.

If you're interested, contact to give us an offer.


Exterior Pictures


Interior Pictures


Engine & Trunk Pictures



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