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Our First Private Jet! - '08 Hawker 400XP

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

When the opportunity came in for us to clean our first aircraft; we had to take it!

This '08 Hawker 400XP needed a thorough cleaning inside and out.

Here is a quick walkthrough!


The interior received a nook & cranny cleaning & disinfecting, carpet & upholstery deep cleaning, and leather & vinyl polishing.


The cockpit has so many gauges, dials, and buttons; it required a brush and a lot of patience to clean...


The exterior paint needed to be decontaminated, polished, and waxed. There was carbon and oil build up around the engine and underbelly of the plane.

For aircraft, it is better to NOT use water for the exterior. Water can sneak into crevices and puddle up; this can cause corrosion and freezing in sensitive areas. Our solution...We used our Waterless Wash & Wax

Final Result....


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