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Clean, Polish, & Wax Without Water!

Our exclusive, in-house made Waterless Wash & Wax is a one-step exterior cleaner, polish, and wax.  This is a great option if you need to clean & wax your vehicle, and have no access to water.  


  • Do you live in a cold weather region? No problem! Clean & Wax your car when its as low as 35°F!

  • Do you live in a hot weather region? No problem! Clean & Wax your car during droughts!

  • Do you ​live in an apartment complex? No problem! Clean & Wax your car with limited space!

  • Don't feel like pulling the car out the garage and setting up a hose and bucket? No problem! Clean and wax it right where its at with nothing extra needed!

  • Do you want a better clean than your local car wash? No problem! Look no farther!


Our product removes dirt, grime, bugs, sap, and tar; without the use of water. Surface scratches, scuff marks, and dull paint is polished and left protected with the power of carnauba wax. Waterless Wash & Wax is safe to use on paint, rubber, vinyl, chrome, or glass. It wipes clean and will not leave streaks in paint. Learn more below!

See It In Action!

Check out the results of using the Waterless Wash & Wax on this '19 Audi A5...

...and this '12 Infiniti M35X

Easily remove pollen & dust, and give your car a quick touchup without taking a trip to a car wash.

Safely remove bird droppings without damaging the paint!

Try It Yourself!

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