How Long Has it Been Since You Got Your Car’s Engine Cleaned?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Do you ever think about what your car looks like under the hood? Sure, you check the oil and keep all the fluids topped up, but there’s more to engine maintenance than the literal nuts and bolts of keeping the car running. Getting the engine cleaned and detailed can do wonders for your vehicle, both in how it runs and how it looks.

Easier Maintenance

Nobody likes to see the “Check Engine” light appear on the dashboard. When it does, the solution is usually pretty expensive. Even worse is getting a warning on and off without any idea of the underlying cause. It’s pretty difficult to diagnose an issue if the parts you’re trying to see are hidden beneath infinite layers of gunk.

Keeping your engine clean makes it easier to solve this problem. Leaks and other engine troubles are much more apparent when the area under the hood is clean. You mechanic might also spot problems you didn’t know were there and be able to fix them so that your car runs better and more efficiently.

Safer Car

Think about all the different conditions in which you drive. Muddy back roads, windy autumn days with leaves blowing everywhere and slick pavement spread with salt and sand can all make a big mess of your engine. If you live in an area with a lot of pine trees, chances are that quite a few dry needles make their way under the hood, too.

This debris builds up over time and, along with engine grease, can become a fire hazard. The longer you let your engine go without being cleaned, the more buildup occurs. Road salt brings the additional risk of corrosion if left to sit, which can contribute to engine damage. A good cleaning preserves the condition of your engine and keeps you safer when you drive.