Top 5 Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road This Summer

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

You might think the end of winter means the end of hazards on the road, but summer driving has its own potential dangers. It’s no fun to have your vacation plans interrupted by problems you could have avoided by preparing in advance. As you get ready to hit the road for a much-needed break, follow these summer driving safety tips.

1. Start with Servicing

Whether you vacation far away or take a lot of day trips, all that driving takes its toll. Head to your mechanic for a full tune-up before the summer travel season starts to make sure your car is ready. It’s a good idea to have the oil changed and the fluids checked even if it hasn’t been too long since your last service appointment. Your battery also needs to be in good condition, or you could find yourself stranded somewhere in need of a jump!

2. Maintain Good Tire Condition

Take a look at your tires as part of your car’s seasonal checkup. The age-old “penny test” works as an indicator of the level of wear. If you can see the top of Honest Abe’s head when you stick a penny in the tread upside-down, it’s time for a new set. Putting this off could mean blowing a tire when the worn rubber meets hot pavement.

If wear on your tires is uneven but