A History of Ford in 650 Words or Less

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Ford is the company credited with making motor vehicles accessible to the general public, but did you know it wasn’t always a successful venture? From humble beginnings to its current iconic status, the history of Ford is full of interesting twists and turns.

The Early Years

Henry Ford had built his first automobile, dubbed the “quadracycle,” in 1896 and, after working as a chief engineer at Edison Illumination Company, left to found his first car business in 1899. With the help of a group of investors, he established the Detroit Automobile Company to bring his ideas to market.

The company went under after less than two years. Undeterred, Ford and his investors founded the Henry Ford Company in 1901, but it failed, too, and was later transformed by others and into the Cadillac Motor Company. 1903 saw the establishment of the now-famous Ford Motor Company. With just $28,000, around $813,000 in today’s money, Ford finally put together a successful venture and began producing some of the most well-known cars in history.

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Popularity and Expansion

By the time the first Model A appeared during Ford’s first year of operation, the company has used up nearly all of its startup money. However, the car proved to be so popular that it only took a few months to start bringing in profits. From there, Ford produced a series of cars named sequentially by letter and invented the first mass assembly line to meet public demand.