Sick of Spending a Fortune to Fuel Up? Reclaim Your Budget with These Gas-Saving Tricks

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

The mysterious, apparently random fluctuations in gas prices throughout the year can leave you scratching your head in confusion and frustration as you try to maintain a consistent fuel budget. Here are a few easy ways to save gas while driving, no matter what the price is at the pump.

1. Clean Up Your Driving Habits

If you drive erratically and insist on being a speed demon, you’re already at risk of getting into accidents, getting ticketed or both. On top of that, you’re also wasting a ton of gas. Cutting down your highway speeds by just five miles per hour can slash fuel consumption significantly, and it puts you back on the right side of the law. Being mindful of the way you stop and start keeps acceleration and deceleration smooth, which also reduces how much fuel you burn on every trip.

2. Take Care of Your Vehicle

You don’t want to be that guy grinding down the road in a car or truck belching black smoke out the exhaust while an unholy roar sounds from under the hood. Those are signs that maintenance has been let go for way too long! For the best possible fuel economy—and to keep your car from dying long before its time—schedule regular tune-ups with your mechanic. Getting the oil and filters changed and any apparent problems fixed can improve engine performance, cut down on gas consumption and promote the longevity of your car’s working parts.