5 Scenic Capital District Drives to Beat Quarantine Boredom

By Theresa Houghton

If you’re bouncing off the walls waiting for local businesses, shops and attractions to reopen, don’t despair. You can get out and enjoy the warmer weather with a scenic drive through Upstate NY. Check out these five beautiful trails and byways located within a few hours of the Albany area.

1. Taconic-Mohawk Trail

Just a short distance away from Rensselaer County, the Taconic-Mohawk trail winds its way through the stunning vistas of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. Pick up the trail at Williamstown, and drive on through to North Adams before tackling the iconic hairpin turn on your way to the top.

The summit of the trail brings you to 2,173 feet about sea level. It’s a great spot to enjoy the view and snap a few photos of the scenery! But that’s not the last of the natural beauty this trail has in store. After cresting the peak, you’ll enjoy the surroundings of the Savoy Mountain State Forest as you drive to Adams. Take in all the mountain views on the way to Williamstown, and end your trip back where you started in New York.