5 Tips for Safer Driving This Fall

Fall is a gorgeous but busy time of year with kids heading back to school and leaf peepers hitting the road to find the most colorful and breathtaking vistas. Before you know it, crowds start swarming the malls for holiday shopping while carloads of snow lovers zip off to hit the slopes.

Just getting to work in the midst of this activity is enough of a challenge when road conditions are good and your car is in top shape. If you want to stay safe and enjoy a few adventures of your own, keep these fall driving safety tips in mind.

Watch Out for Wildlife

Deer are a major concern for drivers in the fall. Why? Mating season. Hitting a deer can cause serious damage to your car or even be fatal, so watch out! If you see one deer cross the street, more are likely to follow.

Slow down or stop the car completely until you’re sure the whole group has made it out of the woods, and then proceed with caution.