Corvette Trivia for the Car Geek in You

Author Theresa "Sam" Houghton

When it comes to sports cars, Corvettes deliver some serious bang for your buck. But they’re not just fun to drive; the model also has an interesting history and has made a significant impact on both car culture and manufacturing. Did you know…

Early Corvettes Had Fewer Options

The first Corvette model appeared in 1953 with a V-6 engine and two possible upgrades: a heater and an AM radio. (V-8 engines didn’t appear under the hood until 1955.) That’s quite a contrast to the 2020 model, which comes equipped with a Bose speaker system, power seats, and options for a heated steering wheel and head-up display!

The Car Made Fiberglass Popular

Designers got creative with materials in the earliest Corvettes. In fact, these were the first commercial vehicles to have totally fiberglass bodies, and other car makers were inspired to follow suit. Only one vehicle was built this way prior to the Corvette. Called the Stout Scarab Experimental, it was a prototype minivan imagined by the Stout Motorcar Company in 1933. However, it was too expensive to market to the public at the time and was never offered for sale.