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Did You Know? - Victor Green helped make travel safe for African-American drivers...

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

He created the "Green Book" in 1936

Here are some more facts about Victor Green and "The Green Book"

  1. Victor Green was a Harlem, United States Postal worker. His network of postal carriers helped him identify black-owned or "black friendly" establishments. In 1949 the book only showed hotels & restaurants in the New York City area. By the 1960's the Green Book consisted of International locations, cruises, special events, and more!

2. Locally, there were some Capital District, New York locations that had establishments in the Green Book: Lake George, Glens Falls, East Greenbush were a few.

  1. In 2018, Disney released "Green Book". A movie loosely based on black classical pianist Don Shirley touring and giving shows during the Jim Crow era. He used the Green Book to navigate the south while traveling from show to show.

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